3 Tips for Forcing Blooms Indoors: Forsythias

Forsythias are one of the first shrubs to flower in early spring. After a gray & gloomy winter their vibrant yellow blooms bring joy into any home!

Fun fact: did you know that olive trees are in the same family as forsythias?

Depending on the growing zone, Forsythias will start blooming outdoors in late March to early April – but why wait?! Let’s stretch their season a bit as we patiently wait for spring to arrive.

FIRST: Locate & cut your branches

Choose which shrubs you will prune back branches on – make note of shrubs in your area (if you do not have them in your own yard) in the springtime as bare branches are difficult to find in the winter months.

You will want to find branches with more mature buds – the smaller buds will not perform as well while being forced. Cut the branches to whatever size you want (we recommend 12” – 18” as you will strip the bottom portion of the branches for water & you will want the bundles to look nice in whatever vase/vessel you choose to display them in) and bring them indoors.

SECOND: Prepare your cuttings

 Now that we are indoors it is time to prep your bundles for water

After you thaw out from hunting down your doner shrubs – strip the lower portions of your branches of all buds and leaves. Place your branches in a water safe vase of your choice & fill it with water right up to where the start of the blooms are then place the vase in a sunny location.

Third: Now we wait

Bloom time for Forsythias depends on when you cut your branches. The earlier in winter that you cut them, the longer they will take to bloom, and that is ok! All good things are worth the wait.

Change the water in the vase every few days to keep them fresh & prevent bacteria build up.

You can also force blooms on: Cherries, Redbuds, Apples, Plum, Magnolias & lilacs!

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