Attract Hummingbirds

Attract Hummingbirds to Your Garden

Every season we get asked the age-old question. How can I attract more hummingbirds to my yard?

These delicate birds, who weigh no more than 3 grams, can fly thousands of miles to reach us. The most common hummer in the north east is the Ruby-throated hummingbird and a group of them is called a “charm” so, how can YOU charm more of these small friends into your garden? Here are a few suggestions.

What is a hummers favorite snack?

Hummingbirds remember each flower they visit, how much nectar they have in them and how long it takes for them to refill.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers is your first place to start! If you have shady spots in your garden or on your patio, then pick up a few hanging baskets of Fuchsia. Hummers have a keen eye for color, and the vibrant purple and pink flowers are easy to spot from a distance and act like a beacon to draw in your new friends.

Vermillionair is another hit with hummingbirds. Their vibrant orange tubular flowers make them hard to resist. In fact, many of our employees say they have never seen more hummers in their garden! Hummingbirds cannot get enough of this interesting plant. Vermillionair is a MUST have in your garden this season.

Any of our Petunias, Million Bells, Lantana (the red and yellow variety specifically) are all must haves as well! Their bright blooms and tubular shape make them impossible to pass up. Keep an eye out for some potted recipes we will be posting on our Facebook to help you along!

Help provide a cozy home

Hummingbirds like to roost and rest in tiny round homes. They build these homes with fibers, plant downs, twigs and even spiderwebs!

If you have a dog give them a good brush in the spring and throw some of their spent coat into your bushes, this will provide your Hummingbirds with material for their homes.

If you want to go above and beyond for your feathered friends, has a few great options, and you can sign up for their hummingbird newsletter to stay up to date on everything hummer related!

Suet cages work just as well for nesting materials, and you can pick up farm rolled cotton on sites such as Etsy or a local farmer in your area! If you do not have access to farm rolled cotton, but do have a dog, simply stuff the cage with their coat to help aid in access to building material.

Native plants

Are you looking to add to your landscape this season? Consider planting some native plants in lieu of non-natives. Introducing more native plants is not only incredibly beneficial to all your pollinator and bug friends, but they will stick out to hummingbirds!

If you are unsure as to what you should plant, give us a call or stop in and talk to anyone in our nursery. They would be more than happy to give you some suggestions!  

No pesticides

The number one threat to Hummingbirds is pesticides. There are studies that have shown an alarming percentage of pesticides in Hummingbird urine and feces. Not only can pesticides potentially throw off their natural migratory patterns, but these chemicals will also kill off the insects they eat as well as the spiders who they rely on for their webs to aid in building their nests.

Sugar rush

Hummingbirds love sugar! Offering a feeder filled with 4 parts boiling water and 1 part white sugar (allowing the mix to cool completely) and placing it in a protected yet visible spot, will help draw in more hummingbirds. I found that the earlier I put my feeder out, the sooner I get hummingbirds in my yard and they show up in droves!  

We do not recommend store bought nectar especially the red dyed nectar. They are often marketed as having additional nutrients, but there are no studies proving they are beneficial to hummingbirds and in fact they are more harmful to Hummers.

Remember to clean your feeders thoroughly when you take it down to refill with your homemade nectar. Bacteria and fungus can grow in the feeder, and if your Hummingbirds contract it the infection can cause their delicate tongues to swell, resulting in death.

Take a dip

Placing a shallow birdbath where your Hummingbirds frequent is a great idea! This offers them a place to bathe and have a drink.

Place some rocks in the bottom of the dish so they have something to perch on, hummingbirds have very weak feet, and this will aid them while they drink.

If you have any further questions on how to attract more hummingbirds into your yard, please do not hesitate to call us! We would love to hear from you.

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