Espoma Lawn Food, 18-0-3

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For those customers who desire the best of both worlds, Espoma Lawn Food is the answer. It combines Espoma Lawn Food 18-0-3 20 25 40 lbs the benefits of natural organics with the higher nitrogen and coverage of slow release synthetics.

It’s non-toxic, safe to use around children and pets, and because Espoma Lawn Food contains nearly 3 times the amount of slow release nitrogen of conventional lawn foods, it’s ideal for any season including summer.

No Phosphate Formula
All Seasons Lawn Food
2-4X the Coverage of All Natural Lawn Foods
3X the Slow Release Nitrogen of Conventional Lawn Foods
Non-toxic. Safe to Use Around Children and Pets.

20 lb. bag feeds 5,000 sq. ft.
40 lb. bag feeds 10,000 sq. ft.