Garden Nursery Products

Devitt’s Nursery is proud to be an authorized Retailer for these Outstanding Wholesalers and Distributors of Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Vegetables & Herbs.

Overdevest Nurseries

A family owned wholesaler dedicated to providing the highest quality plant materials with over 2,000 varieties of trees, shrubs vines, perennials, and patio plants since 1952, providing a "one stop" source for green goods

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monrovia logo


A young immigrant from Denmark, Harry Rosedale started Monrovia on a small 10 acre plot in Monrovia Califorinia. Today they offer more than 4,000 different varieties, selling more than 22 million plants annually.

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Prides Corners Farms

Prides Corner is a family-owned regional grower that has built its business over the last 40+ years. Growing over 2200 varieties of plants on 350+ acres. We have an incredible selection of trees, shrubs, perennials, groundcovers, grasses, roses and vegetables.

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proven winners

Proven Winners

From our inception in 1992, Proven Winners has made this same commitment to sustainable production practices in every one of our facilities in order to provide plants that are not only better for gardeners, but that are ultimately better for the environment too.

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centerton nursery logo

The Centerton Nursery

The first piece of land that now holds Centerton Nursery was purchased by Ray and Marlene Blew in 1974. Since then, the product line has grown to include broadleaf evergreens, flowering shrubs, perennials, including roses, day liillies, and groundcovers.

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