Backpack Sprayer Solo

Sprayer SoloThe Solo manual 4-gallon 90 psi high-pressure backpack sprayer features an ultraviolet resistant tank, felt padded polyester straps, a heavy duty pressure cylinder and reversible pump lever. The high pressure backpack sprayer is made of all high-grade, corrosion resistant plastic, with no metal or rubber parts made vulnerable to chemicals. The chemical backpack applicator includes a connecting rod actuated diaphragm pump made of high-quality Viton that resists harsh chemicals and produces a wide pressure range up to 90 psi. In addiction, it features a 4-foot high pressure hose, a spray tube of 55 cm, and can carry up to 12 pounds. With its easy operating shut off valve, 4-1/4-inch opening with filter basket, and 28-inch wand overall length for hard to reach areas, it can handle disinfectants, fertilizers, herbicides, and pest control products for efficient tree, shrub, and plant protection. This tool is backed by a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.