Treegator Tree Watering Bags

Treegator.com20 gallon gator bagsTreegatorÆ is a slow release watering system for new trees. Our 20-Gallon TreegatorÆ Original delivers a high volume of water directly to the root system of a newly planted tree with no run-off or evaporation.

TreegatorÆ Bags save you time, money and effort, all whileproperly and efficiently watering your new trees.
Ideal for new shade or street trees.
Reduces transplant and drought shock.
Quick and easy to set-up and fill.
100% water absorption with no run-off.
Reduces time spent at tree by up to 80%
Deep water saturation with every application.
Promotes deep root growth.
Fill 1 to 2 times per week, or as needed.