Wilt Pruf Concentrate

Wilt Pruf Products- Wilt Pruf Ready to use - ConcentrateWilt-Pruf is an anti-transpirant product designed to protect plants from moisture loss through their foliage. Wilt-Pruf works by forming a clear, protective coating on foliage that helps plants to retain moisture. The coating is flexible and does not interfere with plant growth. Furthermore, WiltPruf is organic, non-toxic and biodegradeable , making it safe and favorable to use in many applications. It protects plants that are under water stress due to winter kill, windburn, drought and transplant shock.
Apply to evergreens including Rhododendrons and Azaleas in the late fall for winter protection
Apply to foliage of roses for mildew control & prevention of other fungal diseases
Apply to your Christmas tree and greenery to prevent drying out/needle drop
Use during periods of drought
Apply WiltPruf in the late fall to newly-planted evergreens
In windy areas apply to protect from drying out